Ohio Wesleyan University, a member of the North Central Association, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Every ten years, the University community undertakes an extensive and rigorous self-study process in preparation for a visit from a team of faculty and administrators from other North Central colleges and universities; these colleagues are charged with assuring the Higher Learning Commission that we still meet the stringent criteria required for continued accreditation. The Self-Study Report is an exhaustive document assembled in preparation for this visit and reflects where the University has been in the previous decade, where we stand now, and the directions and challenges for which we must prepare.

The PDF version of the report has clickable links to resources on the Web (e.g., “http://...”) as well as internal links (underlined in red). When linking to an appendix or other section in the report, please note the page you are reading so you can return to it, as Adobe Acrobat Reader has no “back” button.

2009 Self-Study Report

Given the significant planning and changes that have taken place since the Self-Study Report was written, a Fall 2008 Update was written to give a more complete picture of the state of the university as the accreditation team prepares to visit.

Self-Study Report Fall 2008 Update

The Higher Learning Commission Team Report is now available. The first 45 pages of the report comprise the Assurance Section. The Advancement Section (consultation) begins on page 46.

Higher Learning Commission Team Report

If you have questions or comments about the Self-Study Report or the HLC Team report, please contact Barbara Andereck.