“Everybody here is passionate about something—and usually it’s three or four things.”

You feel a tangible sense of purpose at Ohio Wesleyan. Faculty are experts in their field and bring students into their research. Students are questioning, creative, active learners, eager to step out of the classroom and put theory into practice. Collaboration and discussion across disciplines happens every day. It all creates a campus environment where dialogue is rich and robust.

Greg Moore '76, Former Editor, Denver Post

“Outside of the classroom, I engaged in the issues of our times, participating in protests on campus and learning negotiating skills across the table from top administrators of the university. Our leaders encouraged that level of engagement. And (for that) I am grateful.”

Valentina Marginean '16

"When I went out into Haiti, I saw firsthand the . . . strength of the correlation between poverty and sickness."

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Richard Spall, Professor of History

“I returned to a small, private liberal arts college after teaching at a large public university because I wanted greater opportunities to work more closely with students, watch their skills grow, and see them mature into liberally educated men and woman well prepared not just for careers but for civic engagement and the desire to live an examined life. Ohio Wesleyan does just that.”

Department of History

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