Ohio Wesleyan instructors design their courses with the expectation that students will spend two hours engaged in independent work outside of class for every hour they are in class.  To complete assignments--and be successful in your courses--you will need access to books, course packs, and other materials, including interactive online systems that require access codes.  Using the three resources below will help you to identify, price, and acquire your textbooks in a timely way!

  • Finding Information about Course Textbooks in Self-Service
  • Using Textbooks on Reserve in Beeghly and Other Campus Libraries
  • Requesting Assistance for Purchasing Textbooks

Finding Information about Course Textbooks in Self-Service

Use the Textbook Search in Self-Service to identify required books from the Campus Store or a third-party vendor.  The Campus Store has a tool that will allow you to make price comparisons among numerous sources for your books:

  • Go to Section Search in Self-Service
  • Open Textbook Search
  • Provide information for Term, Department, Course, and Section
  • Click  on Compare Prices and then These Course Materials
  • Find purchasing options by clicking on the book image or title
  • Begin comparing prices
  • Add items to your Cart (if you plan to make a purchase)
  • Click on the Booklist icon to return to the Choose Your Courses window to identify textbooks for additional classes
  • Proceed to Checkout

Paper books may be new or used, and they may be purchased or rented. Purchased books can often be re-sold at the end of the semester to enable students to recoup some of the cost.  Some books are offered in digital formats (i.e., to be read on a computer, e-reader, or tablet).  Be aware that for some classes, especially literature classes, instructors expect students to bring paper copies of the book to class so students can make annotations in the book as the class discusses the work.

Purchasing Books from Other Sources: Less expensive books are often available from other booksellers.  When purchasing from a source other than the campus store, be certain to get a book that is the same edition and has the same identification code, called an ISBN.  The wrong edition will usually not be an acceptable substitute for the assigned book.

Purchasing Access Codes for Courses: In many courses, especially introductory-level course, instructors make assignments from interactive online systems, and students must pay for an access code to use the system.  Some systems grant students free access to the course for the first week or two of classes.  Access codes are rarely refundable, so it’s wise to wait until after the first day of class to purchase them.  However, these systems are used to administer required course assignments, and you cannot succeed in these courses without purchasing an access code early in the semester.  Students should use extra caution when purchasing access codes from alternative sources because it can be difficult to get a refund from an access code that does not work.

If you have questions about textbooks for a course or need a special textbook order, contact Mike Brockfield, Campus Store Manager: mrbrockf@owu.edu

Using Textbooks on Reserve in Beeghly and Other Campus Libraries

The OWU Libraries place many textbooks on print reserve for students to use each semester. The Textbook on Print Reserve program allows the Libraries to purchase expensive texts for 100- and 200-level general education courses to add to their reserve collection. The collection does not include supplemental materials and access codes. Reserve items can typically be borrowed for several hours at a time and access is on a first come, first served basis.  Students can visit the Course Reserves page and search by instructor or course to determine if items for their courses are available.

For help looking up course reserves or determining textbook availability via the Libraries, contact Dee Peterson: dmpeters@owu.edu

Requesting Assistance for Purchasing Textbooks

The Dean’s office allocates funds to support students who cannot afford  textbooks, course packs, and access codes.  Students are eligible for assistance if they have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and  accepted all of their financial aid, including loans, and still have a demonstrated need.*  To request assistance, go to the Textbook Assistance Programs page.

Students will be contacted about the status of the application within 48 hours after they have submitted their request.  Textbooks that are purchased for students need to be returned to the Dean’s Office by the end of the semester, or their student accounts will be charged the full amount for the textbooks.

Due to limited resources, requests are not guaranteed.  Additionally, textbooks that have been put on reserve for student use in Beeghly and other OWU libraries will not be purchased.  

*Students can check online if they are uncertain about the status of their  FAFSA paperwork.

Contact your Financial Aid Counselor if you have questions.

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