As expressed in the Statement of Aims, “OWU judges itself successful when it has accomplished three objectives in its work with students:

  1. To impart knowledge.
  2. To develop and enhance certain important capabilities of students.
  3. To place education in the context of values.”

The University “develops, in its students, qualities of intellect and character that will be useful no matter what they choose to do in later life.”

This serious enterprise succeeds because faculty members invest in improving the learning of their students. One-on-one mentoring, personal feedback, new pedagogies, honing critical thinking and analysis, encouraging students to extend their learning outside the classroom—a small sample of the myriad ways in which faculty encourage significant learning in OWU students.

Use your fellow faculty members as resources. Imagine new ways of approaching your teaching and your students’ learning. Find the funds to develop your innovative ideas. Share what you learn with your colleagues. The university encourages faculty to explore new ways of improving learning and pedagogy by providing a wide range of support. Explore some of these resources by using the links on the sidebar.

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