TLCCPC sponsors a number of faculty lunch seminars (usually one per month), where one or several faculty members present on their teaching, research, or curricular development initiatives.  This forum is a great opportunity to learn from one another in a relaxed atmosphere, discuss teaching-related questions or issues, generate ideas for future courses or research projects.

The Faculty Lunch Seminars are always scheduled for the noon hour (12:10-1pm).  An email announcement is sent out during the week prior to the seminar.

Interested in giving a presentation or have questions? Contact Eva Paris-Huesca.

Spring 2016

  • Jamie Chornoby, Alyssa Dipadova, Kacie Iuvara, Beth Kurowski, Christy Mendiola, Meg Teitelman
    “Students’ Views on Rubrics”

Fall 2015

  • Catherine Cardwell (Dir. Libraries), Deanne Peterson (Coord. Libraries)
    “Research and Writing in the Library: Helping with the Scholarly Conversation”

Spring 2015

  • Nancy Comorau (English)
    “Using a Tipit grant to build a travel-learning course”
  • Jennifer Jolley (Music)
    “Where's the Rest of Me?: The Process of Writing the Ron and Nancy Reagan Opera”

Fall 2014

  • David Soliday (Info Sys)
    “Flipped Out! Blended / Hybrid Learning in Liberal Arts”
  • Bob Gitter (Economics), Ashley Biser​ (Politics and Government), Ted Cohen​ (Sociology/Anthropology), John Durst (Sociology/Anthropology), Goran Skosples​​ (Economics)
    “Cuba: A Nation in Transition”
  • Michael Flamm (History)
    “In the Heat of the Summer: The Harlem Riot and the Path to America's Prison Crisis”

Spring 2014

  • Robert Wood (Public Safety)
    “Active Shooter Phenomenon”
  • Ji Choi (Politics and Government)
    “The Rise of Asia and Global Governance”
  • Judylyn Ryan (English)
    “Toni Morrison's Neurofiction”

Fall 2013

  • Robert Harmon (Physics and Astronomy)
    “The End of the World as We Know It:  The Fates of the Sun, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe”
  • Lee Fratantuno (Classics)
    “Labyrinths and Dolphins, Serpents and Sleep: Writing a Scholarly Commentary on the Fifth Book of Virgil's Aeneid”
  • Campbell Scribner (Education)
    “Democracy Undone:  Schools, Suburbs, and the Ironies of Local Control”
  • Edward Burtt (Zoology)
    “A cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the evolution of color in birds”

Spring 2013

  • Gerald Goldstein (BOMI)
    "Growing Grapes and Making Wine"
  • David Walker (Geog/Geol)
    "Identity and Place in Costa Chica, Mexico"
  • Christopher Fink, HHK
    "Good, Clean and Connected:  Experiences from Slow Food's Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto, 2013"

Fall 2012

  • Nancy Comorau (English)
    "Planning a Travel Learning Course"
  • David Soliday (Info Sys)
    The Flipped Classroom”
  • Colleen Cook (Counseling Services), Tanya Kunze, (Sagan Academic Resource Center)
    "Creating a Learning Environment that Discourages Rude and Disruptive Student Behaviors"
  • Juan Armondo Rojas (MFL)
    "Blood of Mine, Blood of All:  The Poetic Conception of Ciudad Juarez

Spring 2011

  • Mark Allison (English)
    “A Revolutionary Communist Epic in Victorian England”
  • David Johnson (Botany/Microbiology)
    “All Your Favorite Places in One Place: Natural History of the Mexican State of Oaxaca”
  • Chris Fink (Physical Education)
    “Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Factor P: Exploring a Paradigm for Obesity Prevention in Italy”

Fall 2010

  • Ashley Biser (Politics and Government)
    “Integrating Extended Simulations into the Classroom” / Barnard Reacting to the Past Summer Institute
  • Barbara Andereck (Physics and Astronomy)
    “Teaching Tidbits from the International Lilly Conference on College Teaching”
  • Bonnie Milne Gardner (Theatre & Dance)
    “Creative Rubrics for Writing Assignments from the Lilly Assessment Project”

Spring 2010

  • Bob Harmon (Physics and Astronomy)
    “My Partially Fulfilling Total Eclipse Adventure in China”
  • Erin Flynn (Philosophy)
    “Were the Red Sox Cursed?”
  • Andrea Colvin (Modern Foreign Languages)
    “Syncretism in Latin America: Observations from a Recent Trip to Peru”