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Dr. Carl Moore, Director of Research Academy for Integrated Learning at University of the District of Columbia, discusses inclusive teaching practices at the Fall 2016 Pedagogy Workshop. Click the link to view a recording of the workshop presentation - 2016 Fall Pedagogy Workshop

[Here is an overview of the talk, with time stamps included]

Introduction and Background: 0:00- 10:20

Definitions for Inclusive Teaching Practices and Paradigms 10:55-18:30     

Icebreaker Activities

            24:08 – 39:22             Cast a Wide Pedagogical Net

            44:57 – 58: 16             Think/Cluster/Share

            58:20 – 1:10:50           Vantage Point Discussion

Fixed and Growth Mindsets

39:25 – 44:51              Overview of Fixed and Growth Mindsets

1:23:12-1:32:40           Learning Muscles and Neuroplasticity           

Creating Significant Learning Experiences

1:15:33- 1:19:23          Reactive and Proactive Approaches:

                                    1:34:29- 1:42:35          Building On & Challenging Prior Knowlege

The Underpinnings of Inclusive Classroom Environments:

1:52:11-2:43:34           Classroom Climates and Stereotypes

2:44:06-2:46:56           Universal Design for Teaching Inclusively

2:49:44- 3:03:48          Universal Design Group Activity

Closing Thought/Planning for the Future: 3:09:40- 3:13:10