Incoming Student Athlete Medical History

The Incoming Student Athlete Medical History form is required for all incoming student athletes. Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, if you have never undergone a physical at Ohio Wesleyan University, this needs to be completed and turned in prior to your physical being started. It would be best to complete this form with the help of your parents or guardians, due to the amount of information needed. If you have any pre-existing injuries that required advanced imaging (CT scan, MRI, or Bone Scan, etc…) or surgery, please complete the 2nd page, which will help OWU obtain any medical documentation concerning those injuries.

Incoming Student Athlete Medical History (PDF)

Returner Physical

The Returner Physical form is to be completed prior to any follow-up physical examination. For Fall sport athletes this will take place in the spring, for Winter and Spring sport athletes this will occur once you have returned to campus for the academic year. You will need to answer the questions at the top of the page and then sign and date your name. The information at the bottom of the form will be filled out and completed by a Team Physician or the Wellness Center Staff.

Returner Physical (PDF)

Student-Athlete Travel Information

The Student-Athlete Travel Information form is used by the Athletic Training and Coaching staffs in case a student-athlete is injured while participating in an away contest. This form includes insurance, medical history, and emergency contact information, in case an injury occurs that would result in going to the emergency room. ALL Student-Athletes need to complete this form EVERY YEAR.

Student Athlete Travel Information (PDF)

Sickle Cell Trait Waiver Form

The Sickle Cell Trait Waiver form is required by the NCAA for all incoming (freshmen and transfer) student-athletes to complete prior to participation. The form contains detailed information about Sickle Cell Trait and if you need to, please consult the Sickle Cell Trait Policy on the Athletic Training Room Policies link of this website. In order for this form to be complete you must choose one of the three options listed on the form.

Sickle Cell Trait Waiver Form (PDF)

Student Athlete Insurance

The Student Athletic Insurance form must be completed by ALL student-athletes on a YEARLY basis. In order for this form to be complete, it must be accompanied by a copy of a personal insurance card. If you have signed up for the Student Health Insurance plan, you do not need to attach a card. This form must be completed and returned to the respective Head Coach of the sport in which you participate.

Student Athlete Insurance Form (PDF)