What is the maximum number of positions I can apply for?

There is no limitation. You can apply for as many positions as you want. However, please submit separate proposal for each position.

If I would like my position to be considered for renewal of funding, what do I need to do?

Refer to StAP Supervisor Application Instructions.

Can I e-mail a position description?

No. You must fill out the Google form application on the StAP website to post your position description.

If my proposal is posted on the StAP website, does that mean that it is guaranteed funding?

No, it simply means your position proposal was accepted for consideration of funding if/when qualified candidates apply.  There are no guarantees of funding for any position. StAP funding is very limited and the process is competitive. Final funding decisions are made by the Faculty Advisory Board.

How are decisions made about which positions to fund?

The funding of positions is based on a variety of factors, including the proposal’s compatibility with StAP guidelines, monies available within the StAP budget, number of interested student applicants for a position and their expressed preferences, and the class year of student applicants. Since all of these factors are taken into consideration, positions are initially offered on the website as potential options to students and then final decisions about funding are made by the StAP Faculty Advisory Board after all feedback, including interviews, has been collected. Decisions based on objective information are made as often as possible, with any subjective decisions forced by budgetary restrictions being made only with the consensus of the StAP Faculty Advisory Board. One semester positions are more likely to be funded.

Can I tell a student that he/she has the job, especially if only one person applies?


Since the StAP program involves matching based on students’ and supervisors’ preferences, positions, and overall budget issues, positions can only be offered by the StAP Faculty Advisory Board.

How are choices made when a student applies for multiple positions?

Students’ ranking of positions, along with his/her class year and prior application to StAP, are primary considerations when making decisions about matches. Other consideration may include supervisor ranking of candidates and optional supervisor feedback.

Why does the process take so long?

Collecting and processing the information of all supervisors and applicants, as well as communicating progress and meeting as the StAP Faculty Advisory Board, is a time-intensive process. We aim to get information about the progress of your proposal to you as soon as possible.

How do I pay my StAP student?

After you have received funding for your StAP position, the StAP Coordinator will fill out the Job Assignment for HR. The student will need to submit their paperwork to HR if this is their first on-campus job. The student will fill out their actual hours worked in ADP and the supervisor will approve their hours weekly. You will receive emails from to assist you with this process and weekly deadlines.