2018 Summer on the Cuyahoga Participants

Iyana Buckmon '20
Major: Psychology 
2018 SOTC Employer: LEAP
"The internship with LEAP has definitely expanded the knowledge I gained in my Women and Gender Studies classes because we talk so much about equality and self-advocacy in class. At LEAP that’s what my position revolves around for the people with disabilities that I coach. As a job coach, I am there to teach them self-advocacy, to speak up for themselves and not to let me or anyone speak on their behalf because they have a disability and to hold them to the same standards that a person who does not have a disability, would be held to. I am helping employers to see the potential within people with disabilities and prove to them that they can be hired."

Dylan Paul Hays '20
Majors: Sociology/Anthropology & Social Justice 
2018 SOTC Employer: FlashStarts
"At FlashStarts, I assist different start-ups every week with just about any tasks they need. This requires learning different things and adapting to my team's needs. With SOTC I've had the opportunity to attend dozens of events and see every aspect of Cleveland that you think you could possibly ever see. I'm thankful for alumni Mark Shipps '70 for helping me with my resume and getting me ready for my interview."

Nevin Horne '20
Majors: Business Administration; Communications
2018 SOTC Employer: Shoes and Clothes for Kids
"SOTC overall has been a lot of fun. I love living with all the interns from other schools. Shoes and Clothes for Kids have been pretty great and the work is fulfilling, for the most part. Project wise, I loved this golf outing we put on, but I don't really have a favorite. Currently, I am writing our social media plan and filling orders for our back to school program. This weekend I am volunteering through SOTC at Velosano's annual bike race, I am helping keep bikers on the course and keep cars from interfering with the race."

Will Sharer '19 
Majors: Business Administration: Marketing; Sports and Exercise Management
2018 SOTC Employer: FlashStarts
"FlashStarts is a micro-venture capital firm and startup accelerator. They have invested seed money into a number of tech startups. These portfolio companies receive resources and guidance so that they can achieve rapid growth. As a marketing intern, I am one of those resources that is available to the companies. Every day is different for me as I work with up to 4 different companies per week doing a wide variety of marketing related projects. Career Services has been incredibly helpful to me with searching for internships and preparing for interviews. They have also helped me to create and update my resume and cover letter so that it represents me in the best way possible. The Summer on the Cuyahoga Program has been a lot of fun and has let me experience so many great things that Cleveland has to offer. Through the program, I have had the chance to tour various museums, bike around Cleveland, see a musical, and been connected with a lot of great people through networking events."