Career Services annually conducts a follow up study on the graduating class from the prior year. This report contains information on the career-related activities for the Class of 2012. Career Services takes very seriously its responsibilities with regard to following up on the career placement of OWU graduates.

This report presents information with regard to the following areas for the Class of 2012:

  1. Summary Statistics
  2. Employment Information
  3. Graduate/Professional School Information

As always, it is our hope that this report will serve as a useful resource for administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and prospective OWU students and their families.

Current Status of the Class of 2012

  • 59% report being employed
  • 31.7% report being enrolled in a graduate/professional school program or other continuing education program
  • 74% of respondents currently employed reported being employed in the field of their choice.

The full class outcome reports for each class since 2000, as well as two special five and ten year follow up reports (classes of 2005 and 2000, and classes of 1998 and 1994 respectively) can all be found on the Outcomes Reports page. Any questions regarding any of these reports should be directed to Career Services at (740) 368-3152. Please note that identifiable information with regard to this or any other report cannot be provided. We sincerely hope that you find the results of this survey interesting and informative.


Leslie J. Melton, M.S.Ed, NCC
Nancy A. Westfield, M.A.
Assistant Director