Diane Bizzarro ’12
Sr. Customer Success Lead
New York City, NY

Preferred Method of Contact: Email

Worked at for the past 6 years within various Customer Success leadership roles and Sales roles, and recently moved to a Software company as an Account Manager. Experience lies in the tech industry around relationship management, customer success, mentorship/coaching and retention. Happy to be contacted:

  • Speaking with a student virtually or on the phone
  • Presenting to a class in-person (topics on job search, navigating the business world, working abroad (taught English in France), communications, public speaking, coaching, writing, and management
  • Conducting a virtual webinar
  • Mentoring a student
  • Assisting OWU Alumni (recent Alumni, or Alumni in transition)
  • Serving as a resume-reviewer for OWU students and/or Alumni
  • Participating in OWU events such as speed networking, mock interviewing, panels, etc.,
  • Hosting a student for an externship or shadowing experience

Was in Theatre & Dance, Greek life (KAO), and SLUs), and serves on the alumni board for NYC chapter.