Sarah Downs ’06
Director of Health Programming and Delivery
WellSpark Health
Bristol, CT

An experienced coaching and wellness industry professional, serving a variety of clients, industries and geographic locations. Leveraging knowledge gained through variable experiences, Sarah has worked in the not-for-profit, for-profit, quasi-governmental and start-up sectors, supporting a vast array of clients and opportunities.

With a foundation in public health interventions and programming, she pointed her career toward the billion dollar industries of wellness and interventional coaching. Her Masters in Public Health, from The Ohio State University, prepared her with knowledge of how to assess for, implement and then evaluate the need and impact of health focused interventions. Sarah’s health coach credentialing by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing afforded her unique skills that allowed her to take interventions further, in both individual and group settings. She has continued to expand her coaching knowledge and skill sets through adding additional credentials, both as a financial wellness facilitator and as a multicultural wellness coach, via the National Wellness Institute. As her career focused more and more on large scale projects and management, she also completed work to become a Licensed Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Her work duties, both past and present, have afforded Sarah the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals in support of variable interventions and goals. From developing and driving the implementation of community based programs and volunteer staffing for the American Cancer Society, to providing coaching intervention and support to lifestyle clients, she has learned the value of making honest and authentic connections in support of a goal. The work she has engaged with in supporting the operations of a large-scale multinational wellness and coaching team, taught her valuable management lessons, as well as provided her opportunities to work on creating efficient scaled systems that add value while keeping costs low. The work she is engaged with now, centers on product and program development, as she looks to develop differentiating solutions that drive impactful life-dimensional behavior change for hard to reach populations.

Sarah is interested in helping HHK, Pre-medicine/pre-dentistry, Sociology and Anthropology, Exercise science, and Nutrition majors. She is open to:

  • Speaking with a student virtually or on the phone
  • Conducting a virtual webinar
  • Mentoring a student
  • Serving as a resume-reviewer for OWU Students or Alumni

Sarah graduated from OWU in 2006 with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology and a minor in Women’s Studies. She was a member of the OWU Softball team.