John Steele ’99
Technical Discipline Architect
Unified Communication & Contact Center
Raleigh-Durham, NC

John has worked in IT since 2000 starting in basic IT support and shifting his focus to Cisco Collaboration in 2005 and has been working with it since taking on various roles. He has been with Insight Enterprises for nearly 13 years as a consultant delivering Cisco Collaboration solutions to customers.

He is interested in providing ongoing support to individuals interested in IT, and he can speak to the IT collaboration and on the Cisco Collaboration. He will offer support by:

  • Speaking with a student virtually or on the phone
  • Assisting OWU Alumni (recent Alumni, or Alumni in transition)
  • Serving as a resume-reviewer for OWU students and/or Alumni
  • Participating in OWU events such as speed networking, mock interviewing, panels, etc.

John majored in Physical Education at OWU, and he was involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rugby, and as a Trainer for multiple teams. His organization does have paid internships, but they require students to be on-site at Tempe Arizona (this may have changed with COVID).