Katherine Bates ’97
Associate Professor of Biology
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

Preferred Method of Contact: Email

Katherine is a microbial geneticist with an emphasis in higher education. She has taught at several different types of universities (private, public, MSU/HSU) and has been at a federal service academy for almost a decade. She is happy to be contacted by individuals interested in discussing academia, Biology, education, higher education, work-life balance, federal service, DoD, or women in science.

  • Speaking with a student virtually or on the phone
  • Conducting a virtual webinar
  • Mentoring a student
  • Assisting OWU Alumni (recent Alumni, or Alumni in transition)
  • Participating in OWU events such as speed networking, mock interviewing, panels, etc.
  • Hosting a student for an externship or shadowing experience, Hosting a "Career Trek/visit" with a group of students & OWU staff

Katherine studied Genetics, Microbiology, Pre-med, and Chemistry while at Ohio Wesleyan.  She founded the Phi Sigma Biology honor society chapter and lived in the House of Spirituality.