Counseling Parent & Family FAQ

Can parents speak with Counseling Services staff?

Counseling Services welcomes parent calls. We understand parents may have concerns about their students and wish to consult with us about these concerns. If a parent wishes to speak to their student's therapist, a signed release of information must be obtained from the student. Counseling Services is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information shared by students and Ohio law requires it. Exceptions to confidentiality requirement include reporting of current child abuse and to make appropriate notifications when there is an imminent risk to a person's health or safety. In the absence of a release of information, parents are directed to speak with another therapist in the center. Parents are always free to convey information to us, inquire about Counseling Services at Ohio Wesleyan, and consult with us about any other issues related to their student's well-being.

How does my child make an appointment?

Students can arrange an appointment by calling our office during regular business hours (740-368-3145) or stopping by our office to schedule. We are conveniently located in Room 324 of Hamilton Williams Campus Center. Any currently enrolled student can utilize services for short-term counseling.

What if my child needs longer-term counseling support?

Some issues students bring to Counseling Services warrant more time and attention than we can offer. In the event that longer-term counseling is indicated, your child will be referred to a private practitioner in the community. Our staff will work with students and their families to find good quality, financially accessible referral sources in the community. Ohio Wesleyan is fortunate to have a number of excellent mental health counselors working in private practice within a short walk of campus. These practitioners are experienced in working with college students and the issues that arise during college years.

Is there a fee for for services?

There is no fee for visits to Counseling Services. When it is indicated or desired, arrangements are made on an individual basis with the student for referral to local therapists in private practice. The costs for such therapy are borne by the student or by his/her insurance carrier.

Does Counseling Services offer psychiatric services?

In the event a student may benefit from a psychiatric medication evaluation, Counseling Services refers to Ohio Wesleyan’s Student Health Center. Depending on the level of need, a student also may receive psychiatric support from the broader Delaware or central Ohio community. Students who already utilize psychiatric medication can consult the Student Health Center about the best way to maintain their care.

What if my child is in crisis? Who is the contact?

Counseling Services is aware that situations requiring immediate attention do exist. However, because of the demand on our services, we are not usually able to meet with most students on a same-day basis. We do have same-day crisis services designed to assist students who are confronting life-threatening circumstances, current or recent traumatic crisis, and/or serious emotional distress. During a same-day crisis consultation a counselor will meet with a student briefly to discuss the situation. If the student is experiencing a crisis, the counselor will work with the student to contain and stabilize the situation. If necessary, your child could be referred to an off-campus location for additional stabilization support. If the situation is not a crisis, the counselor will work with the student to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Walk-in, crisis intervention hours are weekdays at 1 p.m. and 1:30p.m. After hours and on weekends, students may contact Residential Life staff for assistance or call Public Safety at 740-368-2222, Delaware's 24-hour HelpLine at 740-369-3316, or OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital's emergency room at 740-615-1000.

What if my child wants to meet with a counselor outside of Delaware?

Getting outside of Delaware can be a challenge for students who do not have a car. We suggest the student look into resources including borrowing a friend’s car or considering the following options:

Delaware has one local transportation service:

Lyft or Uber might also have coverage of Delaware and the surrounding area