How do I schedule a phone screening appointment?

To schedule a phone screening appointment please call us at 740-368-3145 during business hours (8:30 am- 5 pm).  Please have your current schedule available before scheduling your phone screening appointment. If you feel this is an urgent matter that cannot wait until your scheduled phone screening, please call 1-855-522-1226 for 24/7 access to a mental health counselor through the Virtual Care Group. 

If you are needing to reschedule an appointment please give our office a call at 740-368-3145 and our Office Manager will be happy to find you another appointment time that works with your schedule.  If you do not have a phone or access to a computer/another internet capable device please stop into our office during business hours to speak with our Office Manager.  

Counseling is a confidential service and the phone screening should only be accessed by the individual who intends to receive services.  Please do not schedule appointments on behalf of other students.  Please schedule your appointment carefully as no-showing or canceling may lead to delays in care. 

There are limits to confidentiality.  when we are concerned about the imminent well being of an individual (risk of harm to self or others) or in the cases of CURRENT reported endangerment/abuse of children, elderly persons, and persons with a disability. 

If you are a faculty/staff member, please visit OWU EAP. Counseling Services are for current OWU students only. 

What happens when we call you for your phone screening?

You will talk with a counselor over the phone for about 15-20 minutes. The counselor will collect some preliminary information about you and your concerns. You and the counselor will decide on a way to address your concerns. This may involve individual counseling at Counseling Services, referral to a physician, or, referral to a clinician in the community.

If you are referred for individual counseling with a Counseling Services therapist, you may or not be matched with the counselor you spoke with over the phone. Within your first couple of sessions, you and your counselor will determine the type and amount of counseling that will best assist you.

Please be aware that our number often appears as private or unavailable, and thus may be blocked by your cell phone carrier. The clinician who returns your call will need to ask you several questions of a confidential nature that you may not wish to answer in public.

What if I am returning for services?

If you are returning to Counseling Services, you should let the front desk staff know this when you call to schedule services. They will find your previous information so that it is available to the counselor when you return. If you have attended an appointment with a counselor within the past 3 months, you may not need to go through the triage phone screening process again. Instead, you may request your previous therapist or request to see another therapist. If you are calling to reengage with services, it may be a requirement to complete a phone screening so we can get updates from you regarding symptoms or current needs. While we try to honor requests, your request to schedule with your previous therapist may result in a delay depending on availability. 

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