If you think you may have experienced a sexual assault, it is always your decision whether or not to report. Even if you are unsure if you want to report the incident, consider the following for your well-being:

Obtaining immediate medical attention and a SANE exam.  Why?

  • Seeking medical attention can help you obtain medication to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as to preserve any evidence  if you decide you would like to report later. 
  • Physical evidence can be collected at a hospital through an exam called the SANE Exam conducted by a nurse specially trained in caring for and collecting evidence from patients who have survived a sexual assault (a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner or SANE).  The sooner the exam is conducted after the assault presents the best opportunity to collect evidence.  However, this exam can be completed up to 72 hours (4 days) after a sexual assault. 
  • If you get the SANE exam, the emergency room visit, medications you receive for STIs and to prevent pregnancy, and the exam itself is free and will have no cost to you
  • The medical information will be confidential because of HIPPA, however one can also request for their kit to be anonymous so evidence collected is also anonymous
  • If there are other costs incurred by the visit, one can apply for reimbursement through the Attorney General's Victim of Crime Compensation fund by visiting this website
  • If you are unsure if you want to get a SANE medical exam, you can call Helpline's SARN at 800.684.2324 anytime to anonymously talk through your options or text Helpline at 898211.

    If you are considering taking an SANE medical exam

  • Do not shower, drink or eat, wash hands, douche, change your clothes or apply medication to any injuries unless absolutely necessary as this can diminish the ability to collect evidence.
  • Go to OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room.  Directions to hospital.
    • Campus Public Safety can provide transportation to Grady Hospital and you need not disclose the medical condition for which you are seeking care. Call 740-368-2222
  • A hospital advocate from Helpline's Sexual Assault Response Network (SARN) will be called to be a support person to answer any questions you may have, connect you to resources, and stay with you during your time in the emergency room. One can always turn down this resource
  • Injury care and follow-up, women’s health services as well as screenings and medication for STDs can be obtained through our campus Student Health Services.  Call 740-368-3160 or go online via the Student Health Portal for an appointment.


Talking to someone.  Why?

Research shows that when someone is able to speak about a stressful or traumatic event, it is less likely for this event to have significant mental health impacts later on. 

Please see “Will I be assured of confidentiality?” on the OWU Counseling Services SOCAP FAQ page to learn about confidentiality when speaking to the following resources.
  • Calling the 24 hour, confidential sexual assault hotline can provide support as well as information on medical, reporting and legal options.
    • SARN (local)- 1-800-684-2324 or 740-369-3316
      • text 898211
    • RAINN (national) 1-800-656-HOPE
  • A trusted friend or family member can provide you with support and give you a chance to process the assault.
  • Public Safety on campus can provide you with a ride to the hospital (and you need not disclose the medical condition for which you are seeking care). They can also provide you with information about your legal options and arrange for you to speak with Delaware City Police.  You have an extended period of time to learn about your legal options and decide if you choose to file a report with law enforcement.  You can reach either by calling Public Safety at  740-368-2222 and Delaware Police at 911 or 740- 362-1111.
  • Residential Life Staff are always available to assist you with support and information. From 7pm-7am, contact your RA or Moderator at the phone number posted in your building.
  • The SOCAP Counselor(s) is a confidential resource available on campus to help you make informed decisions, not to pass judgement or investigate. Assistance is available with navigating legal processes and protections, safety planning as well as emotional support and trauma counseling.  Call Counseling Services at 740-368-3145 for an appointment.  Check out the OWU SOCAP webpage for more information.


Sometimes students are unsure if a sexual assault has occurred.  Any sexual activity needs to be consensual or it can be considered sexual assault.  Here is an excellent video to learn more about consent:

If you have experienced a sexual assault it was NOT your fault. You did not cause the violence. No matter if you were drinking, no matter what you were wearing -  no matter what. You are not responsible for another person's choices and actions. 

Not only are acts of sexual violence illegal, OWU has a University Policy on Sexual Misconduct and students who commit such acts, if reported, can be held responsible. Please refer to our Title IX and Clery webpage for more information and information about campus reporting options.