It is the responsibility of the Print Services Department to provide copy, supply, and office needs in a manner that results in the greatest good for the University. The Print Services Department has primary responsibility for the printing and copying of materials as needed.

Office Supplies

Printing papers, letterheads, envelopes, pads, post-it notes, labels transparencies, tapes, folders, binders, pens, markers, inkjet cartridges, computer supplies and miscellaneous supplies such as maps, name tags, white-out, etc. 

Print Services

We have a wide variety of colors and types of paper for any occasion. In addition, we have OWU and custom printed color copies, T-shirts, mouse pads, coasters, bags, hats, mugs etc.

Printing Policy

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Print Prices

Order Form: Please print and return the completed order form to the Purchasing Department in the Science Center.

Packaged Description Price
500/pkg Ivory Letterhead with OWU, no office 22.00/pkg
500/pkg White Letterhead with OWU, no office 11.50/pkg
500/pkg Ivory Letterhead with OWU, no office, MONARCH 37.95/pkg
500/box Ivory Envelopes with OWU, no office 27.50/box
500/box White Envelopes with OWU, no office 15.45/box
500/box Ivory Envelopes with OWU,no office, MONARCH 48.75/box
500/box White Business Reply Envelopes 9.75/box
500/box Plain White #10 Envelopes 4.60/box
250/box Ivory Invitation Envelopes .05/each
250/box White Invitation Envelopes .05/each
  Airborne Overnight Envelope 10.50/ea
100/box 10 x 13 Clasp Envelopes 5.30/box
100/box 9 x 12 Clasp Envelopes 4.40/box
100/box 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 Clasp Envelope 7.80/box
100/box 6 x 9 Clasp Envelope 5.85/box
12/package 8 1/2 X 11 White Legal Pads .40/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 11 Canary Legal Pads .45/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 11 Ivory Legal Pads 1.20/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 11 Gray Legal Pads 1.00/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 11 Orchid  Legal Pads 1.20/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 11 Blue Legal Pads 1.00/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 14 White  Pads .80/ea
12/package 8 1/2 x 14 Canary Pads .80/ea
12/package 5 x 8 White Pads 1.10/ea
12/package 5 x 8 Canary Pads 1.10/ea
12/package Steno Pads (Green Tint) 6 x 9 .70/ea
  Memo Pads - White .60/ea
  OWU Pads - White .50/ea
  While you were out pads - pink .25/ea
12/package 1 1/2" x 2" canary .20/ea
12/package 3" x 3" Canary .30/ea
12/package 3" x 5" Canary .55/ea
  3" x 3" Blue OWU post-its .70/ea
5,000/box Address Labels,white,3 1/2" x 15/16" (5,000/bx) 13.70/box
2,000/box Laser Labels, 1" x 4"  (2,000/box) 25.40/box
3,000/box Laser Labels, 1" x 2 5/8"  (3,000/box) 20.00/box
3300/box Copier Labels, 1" x 2-13/16"  (3300/box) 25.40/box
80/package Self Adhesive Laser Labels for 3 1/2 Disk 5.40/box
4/strip OWU Labels (on pinfeed strips) .05/each
8/sheet OWU Labels (8 on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet) .25/sheet
100/box Transparencied for plain paper copiers 24.45/box
100/box Laser 14.70/box
100/box Inkjet 34.30/boc
10/package Scotch Magic Tape 14.40/box
  Scotch Removable Tape 2.20/ea
  Masking Tape  1" x 2160 1.95/ea
  Masking Tape  2" x 2160 3.00/ea
6/package Sealing Tape - Clear - 2" 1.45/ea
6/package Sealing Tape - Tan - 2" .85.ea
100/carton Adding Machine Tape 2 1/4" .35.ea
  Transparent Tape - 3/4" 1.90/ea
  Double Sided Tape - 1/2" 1.70/ea
  Tape Dispenser 1.90/ea
100/box Red File Folders - 3rd cut - 100/box 10.70/box
100/box Blue File Folders - 3rd cut - 100/box 9.10/box
100/box Green File Folders - 3rd cut - 100/box 10.70/box
100/box Yellow File Folders - 3rd cut - 100/box 9.10/box
100/box Manila File Folders - 3rd cut - 100/box 5.50/box
25/box Hanging File Folders - 25/box 4.10/box
1 set/box Hanging File Frames for hanging file folders 4.05/ea
  3" Expanding Pocket Folders .55/ea
  Red Vinyl Binders - 1" 1.10/ea
  Red Vinyl Binders - 2" 3.90/ea
  Black Vinyl Binders - 1" 1.10/ea
  Black Vinyl Binders - 2" 3.90/ea
  White View Binders - 1" 1.85/ea
  OWU Click Pens .30/ea
12/box Uni-Ball Pens - Black .65/ea
12/box Uni-Ball Pens - Blue .65/ea
12/box Uni-Ball Pens - Red .65/ea
12/box Bic Medium Pens - Black .90/ea
12/box Bic Medium Pens - Blue .90/ea
12/box Bic Medium Pens - Red .90/ea
12/box Bic Fine Pens - Black .90/ea
12/box Bic Fine Pens - Blue .90/ea
12/box Bic Fine Pens - Red .90/ea
12/box Flair Pens - Black .90/ea
12/box Flair Pens - Blue .90/ea
12/box Flair Pens - Red .90/ea
12/box vis-à-vis Transparency Pens - Green 1.05/ea
12/box vis-à-vis Transparency Pens - Black 1.05/ea
Package Description Price
12/box vis-à-vis Transparency Pens - Blue 1.05/ea
12/box vis-à-vis Transparency Pens - Red 1.05/ea
12/box vis-à-vis Transparency Pens - Purple 1.05/ea
12/box Permanent Markers - Black .65/ea
12/box Permanent Markers - Red .65/ea
12/box Yellow Highlighters .50/ea
12/box Dry Erase White Board Marker-Black-low odor .90/ea
12/box Dry Erase White Board Marker-Blue - low odor .90/ea
12/box Dry Erase White Board Marker - Red -low odor .95/ea
12/box Dry Earse White Board Markers - Green 1.10/ea
  HP-14 Tri-color 26.50/ea
  HP-15 Black 24.25/ea
  HP-17 Tri-color 32.25/ea
  HP-20 Black 26.75/ea
  HP-23 Tri-color 28.50/ea
  HP-25 Tri-color 29.30/ea
  HP-26 Black 26.05/ea
  HP-27 Black 17.60/ea
  HP-29 Black 25.60/ea
  HP-33 Black 27.35/ea
  HP-41 Tri-color 26.75/ea
  HP-45 Black 25.60/ea
  HP-49 Tri-color 26.50/ea
  HP-56 Black 18.50/ea
  HP-57 Tri-color 28.80/ea
  HP-58 Black 22.60/ea
  HP-78 Tri-color 28.75/ea
10/box Zip Disk - 100mb 8.00/ea
10/box CD-Disk 700MB/80 Mins 1.00/ea.
100/spindle CD-R Spindle, 700MB/80 mins. 39.00/ea
10/box Zip Disk - 250mb 7.20/ea
10/box 3M Diskette 3.5 3.80/box
1/each LSK Security Locks  
2/pack LSK Security Brackets 14.25/pkg
  Surge Protector - 6 outlet - 6' - 208 joules 11.80/ea
  Campus Maps .15/each
  Name Tags, OWU .05/each
  Pocket Folders, Red & Black .60/each
  Pocket Folders, Elliott Hall .60/each
  Blue Books .20/each
Package Description Price
  Grade Books, Small 1.90/each
  Grade Books, Large 2.00/each
1/4# bag #19 Rubberbands, 1/16" x 3 1/2" 1.10/bag
1/4# bag #33 Rubberbands, 1/8" x 3" 1.10/bag
1/4# bag #64 Rubberbands, 1/4" x 3 1/2" 1.10/bag
12/package Glue Stick .40/ea
  Rubber Cement 1.65/ea
  Wite Out .75/ea
2/package Papermate Liquid Paper - correction tape 2.20/ea
  Finger Moistener 1.05/ea
  Bottle Moistener .75/ea
100/box Push Pins 1.05/box
  Stapler, Black 3.65/ea
  Stapler Remover .70/ea
5,000/box Staples, SF4, Swingline 2.65/box
5,000/box Staples, B8, Bostich 1.95/box
5,000/box Swingline Staple Cartridge for 270 Elect. Stapler 11.20/box
5,000/box Swingline Staple Cartridge for 5,000 6.95/box
  Scissors 2.65/ea
100/box Paperclips, Regular .15/box
100/box Paperclips, Jumbo .60/box
12/box Binder Clips, Mini .50/box
12/box Binder Clips, Small .50/box
12/box Binder Clips, Med 1.05/box
12/box Binder Clips, Large 3.05/box
100/pkg Index Cards, 3 x 5, lined .75/pkg
100/pkg Index Cards, 4 x 6, lined 1.10/pkg
100/pkg Index Cards, 5 x 8, lined 2.10/pkg
  5th cut colored index dividers .75/ea
  5th cut clear index dividers .60/ea
50/box Sheet Protectors - Heavy Weight 7.20/box
100/box Sheet Protectors - Econo Weight 7.40/box
12/package Pencils #2 .50/doz
5/package Mechanical Pencils .50/ea
3tubes/pkg Pencil Lead .05 - HB .70/ea
3tubes/pkg Pencil Lead .07 - HB .70/ea
  White Board Eraser 2.80/ea
  3-Hole Punch 6.80/ea
100/box Brass Fasteners - 1/2" 1.25/box
100/box Brass Fasteners - 1" 2.80/box
100/box Brass Fasteners - 1 1/2" 5.85/box

Information Services Contact Information


Schimmel/Conrades Science Center #184
Ohio Wesleyan University
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, OH 43015

Reduced Hours during OWU's response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)
10 a.m.- 3 p.m. M-F
P 740-368-3379
F 740-368-3299

Staff Contact

Jill Kerins
Supervisor of Print Services
Phone: 740-368-3379
Fax: 740-368-3299

Please note: In-person support available by appointment only, until January 19, 2021.