Welcome to the Bursar's Office. Our objective is to serve you by helping you navigate the sometimes complex issues of paying for a college education. We are available to answer any questions about your student account. Our services include payment plans, billing statements, financial counseling,and maintaining financial information for student accounts. This includes posting charges and credits including tuition and fees, room and board, course fees, payments, financial aid, late fees, miscellaneous fines, damage charges, and other adjustments. Our site is currently under revision so that we can maximize the information available to you all day every day.


  • Spring balances will be due on December 15 unless on a payment plan.  For the 5-payment plan, the first due date will also be December 15.  The remaining due date for the spring semester are payment #2 on January 15, #3 on February 15, #4 on March 15, and #5 on April 15.
  • Students, OWU strongly encourages you to set up parents or other benefactors who are helping you with your bill by giving them access to your student account portal (campus.owu.edu) so they can also view the bill, account activity, and make payments.  Go to this link to grant access: Self-Service Access
  • 1098T update: be aware of important IRS-mandated change to 1098T reporting.  In the past the IRS mandated that all schools report total qualifying charges in Box 2.  Beginning in tax year 2018, the 1098T will not report these qualifying charges but will report all payments made towards these qualifying charges in Box 1 as mandated by the IRS.  Box 2 will be empty, per the IRS.


Here are a few links to help you:

OWU Financial Planning Guide (PDF) » Browse this finance volume from the Controller’s Office that includes information on fees, expenses, payment plans, loan resources, and refund policies.

Monthly Payment Plan » Set up a payment schedule for an annual fee at the Tuition Management Systems website.

Financial Aid » Review grants, loans, and other need-based financial aid avenues.

1098-T Information » Helpful information about the 1098-T tax form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) » Get answers to the most common inquiries from students. (Under construction)


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