Sending OWU your 529 payments

We work with 529 plan administrators from all over the world.  529 funds can be deposited with your home state's 529 organization or from a private investment account.  It you are using a 529 plan to pay for your education, ask you 529 administrator to include the name of the student and their ID# on the check and to mail your payment to:

Ohio Wesleyan University

61 S. Sandusky St.

Delaware, OH  43015

Since this payment will come to us from a third party, it is not unusual for the payment to arrive later than our due date.  This is perfectly okay.  Let us know before the semester starts that you will be using a 529 plan and we will note your file so you do not incur any service fees.  If you have any questions about using a 529 plan, email us at