The annual Students of Color Leadership Conference (SOCLC) is hosted by a different GLCA school each year to provide students of color with the opportunity to encourage academic success; strengthen their skills of leadership and cultural awareness; develop effective activism skills; and network with their peers from similar institutions, backgrounds and experiences.

Ohio Wesleyan is honored to host this year's conference. Visit the Conference home page below for information on the schedule, hotels, parking, and registration.

Still I Rise: Dreams of Our Ancestors

We all come from somewhere and somebody.​

We are all on a journey to somewhere, to become somebody.

But sometimes we fail to remember and understand where we came from and who had to work hard in order to get us all to a more tolerable, aware, and accepting society.

This year's theme revolves around the appreciation and gratitude we have for our ancestors who made it possible for us to thrive in the modern day world!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended, planned, and volunteered to make this year's conference a success! We hope you enjoyed it!