VIVA’s Mission

VIVA is the Latin American culture group on campus. Our mission is to foster understanding of Latin American cultures and issues at OWU, as well as to provide programs and venues through which the campus can get involved. We look to expand students’ connections to the local and global Latin American communities. All students with interest and willingness to participate are welcome and encouraged to join, regardless of ethnic backgrounds or experiences. 

Programs for campus have included dance parties; film screenings and discussions; mock debates; speakers and workshops; celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month; participation in local service opportunities; salsa lessons; miscellaneous discussions, friendships, and good times; and much, much more.

Examples of Programs from years past:

  • Participation in CultureFest
  • Discussion of Tambien la Lluvia
  • Salsa for Education – Proceeds went to NicaHope in Nicaragua, Common Grounds in Ethiopia, and Pwoje Espwa (Hope) Orphanage in Haiti.
  • Hosting of OWU Debate Team for a discussion of Immigration Politics
  • Dance for Freedom – Proceeds went to Not For Sale, an anti-human trafficking organization.

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