Human Connections are Important:

Blame - Brené Brown

I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much | Stella Young

Power of Empathy - RSA Shorts: Dr Brené Brown

Vulnerability - Brene Brown

Where Does Compassion Really Come From?


Cracking the Code:

Cracking the Codes: Connie Heller, Institutional Inequity

Cracking the Codes: Connie Heller, Interpersonal Relationships

Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy, A Trip to the Grocery Store

Cracking the Codes: Tim Wise, Implicit Bias in the Age of Obama

Mirrors of Privilege: Beyond Guilt to Responsibility

Mirrors of Privilege: Noticing Racism



Gender Spectrum

Resources About Gender Identity

Taking Up Space vs. Adding to a Space: Questions to Consider

The Complete Guide to Queer Pride Flags

Tools for equality and inclusion

What makes a relationship healthy? Unhealthy? These four things, to start.

When Someone Comes Out To You: DO & DON’T


Kids Explain Things:

Kids Explain Allyship

Kids Explain Intersectionality

Kids Explain Pronouns



How to Be a Good Ally - Identity, Privilege, Resistance | Ahsante the Artist


The more you know:

5 Phrases Disabled People Are Tired Of | Decoded

5 Things You Should Know About Racism | Decoded | MTV News

Did Hollywood Whitewash Stonewall? | Decoded | MTV News

Health Disparities in the Black Community: Past & Present

The Homophobic Origins of U.S. Law

What is Cultural Appropriation?

What kind of Asian are you?

Why Are There So Few Asians In Hollywood? | Decoded

Why Do We Say "African American"?

Why Do We Say "Latino"?

Why is Pride a Parade?



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