Move-Out Information

If you are moving out of your current room during the academic year, please review all the information on this web page for an overview of the process, including all the information you need to properly move out and check out of your room/suite.  It also covers the expectations we have for cleaning your space before you complete the check out process.

How to Check Out

There are two ways to check out of your room:

1.  In-Person Checkout.  You can schedule a time with your Resident Assistant or Moderator to check out.  This checkout should occur after you've moved all of your belongings from your room and properly cleaned it.  You'll turn your key in with your Resident Assistant or Moderator during your scheduled check out.  For more details about cleaning your room or the in-person check out process, please review the information provided further down on this web page.  

2.  Express Checkout.  An express checkout allows you to check out of your space at any time.  You can locate an express checkout envelope at the Residential Life Late Night Desk located in the Welch Lobby or outside the Residential Life Office in HWCC 225.  You'll fill out the envelope, place your keys inside and seal the envelope, and place it in the express checkout boxes present at both locations.  You must have removed all of your personal belongings from your room and cleaned it prior to using the express checkout process.  For more details about cleaning your room or the in-person check out process, please review the information provided further down on this web page.

Move Out Details

1.  Each individual student is responsible for their own check-out procedures.  Do not assign your responsibilities to a friend, hall staff member, or Housekeeping personnel.  Failure to complete your checkout appropriately will result in additional charges on your student account.

2.  Residents are responsible for removing all personal possessions from their rooms, returning all original furnishings; debunking beds, disassembling lofts, and leaving their rooms clean before being checked-out. Anything left in a room will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the discretion of the University.  The cost of any special cleaning will be billed to the residents of the room.

3.  Room keys are to be returned to the staff member with whom you are checking out or through the express checkout process.  Residents who do not turn in a key will be assessed the fee for re-keying the room ($134).

4.  All room damage must be assigned to the responsible resident or residents.  Failure to accept or assign responsibility for damage will result in all residents equally splitting the cost of the repairs.  You can access the damage responsibility form here:  View the Damage Responsibility Form.

5.  Students not returning to OWU need to return their mailbox to the student mailroom in HWCC. Students who fail to turn in their mailbox key to the mailroom will be assessed a $15.00 fee.

Cleaning Expectations

Upon move-out, it is expected that your room or portion of your room is cleaned and ready for a new student.  Rooms should be in the same condition that you found them when you got here.

  • Floors should be swept and mopped.
  • All person items should be removed from the room.
  • All trash and recycling should be taken to the dumpsters and recycling rooms.
  • Clean out and wipe interiors of drawers, closets, and desks.
  • Clean mattress, bed, desk, desk chair and other university furniture in room.
  • If vacating a room with a private or semi-private bathroom, residents are responsible for cleaning the bathroom.