Returning Student Move-In Information

Returning Student Move-In Day occurs Monday, August 17 - Wednesday, August 19 between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. We’re excited to have you back on campus!

Returning Student Move-In Overview

Returning Student Move-In Day is Monday, August 17 - Wednesday, August 19 from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. All students will check-in and pick up their room keys in the tent, located on the JayWalk outside the main entrance of the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, before going to their hall to unload vehicles.   

Returning Student Check-In

All students will check in and pick up their room and mailbox keys at the tent located on the JayWalk outside the main entrance of Hamilton-Williams Campus Center during their move-in time.  Students will need to pass a viral screening prior to checking in.  A photo ID is required to complete the check in process. 

Sign Up for a Move-In Time

There are many other strategies being used to keep the check in and move in processes safe.  An important one for you to understand is that we are spreading move-in out over three days (August 17-19) in order to avoid crowding at the check in area and around the residential communities.

Sign Up for a Move-In Time - Students will need to log in to their Res Life Portal and navigate to the “Assignments” section on the main page to sign up for a move in time.  Because we are trying to spread out the number of people moving into a building at any one time, we are not able to add additional time slots in an hour once it is full. 

Safety During Move-In

The move in process brings a lot of people to campus from all over the country and world.  In an effort to maintain a safe check-in and move-in environment for everyone, there are some safety guidelines in place that we’re asking each student and all guests to follow:

  1. First, all students, guests, and staff involved in the check in and move in process will be asked to practice safe distancing (6ft) both during the check in process and in the residential communities. 
  2. Additionally, we’re asking that masks be worn while in line for check in, while inside the residential communities, and whenever you are within 6ft of another person from outside your family group. 
  3. Finally, we’re limiting the number of guests or helpers a student can have with them during the check in process and while moving into the residence halls to one (1) person.  This will help keep the number of people inside and moving around our residential communities lower.

Directions to Returning Student Check In & Parking

Please review this map to help you locate where the check-in process will occur for the August 13 early arrival date (athletes, marching band, etc), and August 17-19.

Loft Kit Requests

The University has kits that make it possible for students to either bunk two beds together or to loft a single bed high enough to place something like a futon underneath it.  Some students like using these because it can create additional storage space in the room.  Other students like to keep their beds on the bed ends already in the room, which allows them to raise or lower their bed frame several feet off the ground (high enough to place a dresser underneath it) without the use of a kit.  

If you would like to request a loft kit or a bunk kit, please complete the Fall 2020 Loft & Bunk Kit Request form by August 1, 2020.