The Faculty Personnel Committee faces the difficult and important task of evaluating the contributions of members of the faculty. The Committee’s ability to arrive at sound personnel decisions depends heavily upon the quality, depth, and accuracy of information submitted by peers. We ask therefore, despite the many other demands on your time and energy, that you give special thought to your responses when completing a peer evaluation.

In rare cases, a faculty member who is eligible for promotion or merit may not have submitted a Self-Report. Nonetheless he or she will be evaluated by the Committee, so we request that you evaluate the faculty member even in the absence of a self-report. Handbook policy allows faculty members to opt out of consideration for promotion but not evaluation for merit.

If you feel you do not know enough about a particular faculty member to provide an evaluation, we ask that you contact Becky Lauer.


Peer evaluations are collected electronically using a form that is consistent with the rater form described in the Faculty Handbook. The electronic peer evaluation form can be reached at the URL below.

Please do not submit your peer evaluations on paper. Please use the form at the above URL. The process is password-protected at each step. When you click on the link above, you will be asked to provide your OWU username and password. No one will have access to your peer evaluation except you, members of the Faculty Personnel Committee, the President, the Provost, and the Provost’s executive assistant.  

The website accessed at the URL above will show you the faculty members you have been asked to evaluate. For each faculty member you review, the website will list items for which that person is being reviewed. When you mark the scales for those items, please remember that these scales do not assume a faculty norm.  The evaluation website will provide links to the Self-Reports and any other supplemental documents the faculty member has submitted for your consideration.