All faculty being reviewed for retention, tenure, promotion, or merit are asked to complete a Faculty Personnel Information Form. (Faculty Handbook Chapter V, A.1.) This form is colloquially known as a Self-Report. This form lists the criteria used by the Faculty Personnel Committee for all personnel decisions. The Self-Report is documented in Chapter V, Appendix A of the Faculty Handbook. You can also download an electronic copy using the link below:

Self-Report Form


Your Self-Report should be a section-by-section narrative that describes your activities, their significance, and their context. Please keep in mind that a Self-Report has two audiences: peers, who are often experts in your field, and members of the FPC, who are often non-experts. As you prepare your Self-Report, please adhere to these guidelines.

  • All information provided in a Self-Report should be limited to activities in the last three years, and you should limit your Self-Report to 5-7 pages.
  • List your accomplishments in each sub-category in order of decreasing importance.
  • Provide an accurate bibliographic entry for each publication.
  • Include the titles of papers delivered.
  • Briefly describe how each item contributes to your overall scholarly growth.
  • For any work that has been published or exhibited electronically (in electronic journals and web publications and on websites, for instance), include a description of the peer review process your electronic submissions received.
  • In reporting on your University and Community Service, for items other than standing committees please provide a brief note about the nature of that service.
  • Separate paragraphs with a single blank line.
  • Avoid special formatting and characters other than alphanumeric and punctuation.

You may prepare the text of your Self-Report in any way you desire, but please keep in mind that the final document will be submitted in plain text. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare your Self-Report without any formatting. Many faculty find it helpful to prepare their Self-Report using the electronic copy of the Self-Report Form.


All Self-Report forms are collected electronically. The link to the Self-Report form is given below.

The online self-report form is self-explanatory; instructions on the form itself will walk you through the submission process. The instructions here simply provide an overview of the process.

  • When you are ready to fill in the electronic form, click on the above URL, then sign in to the web site using your OWU email username and password.
  • Copy and paste relevant sections from the word-processing version of your Self-Report into the spaces provided on the electronic form. Note that the formatting (e.g., italics, bold, paragraph indentation) will not transfer and may need to be adjusted.
  • You may supplement your Self-Report by submitting samples of your work, reviews, letters of commendation or other relevant documents in Portable Document Format (PDF); there is a place at the end of the form for such attachments. You may also provide URL’s to direct readers to relevant material, although these may not appear as links on the electronic form, depending on your browser. Note that peer evaluators will have access to these documents.
  • Please upload an updated curriculum vita by uploading a copy at the end of the electronic Self-Report form. It must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). (Please note that we are requesting updated curriculum vitae from all faculty.) If you need help converting your document to PDF, please contact the Information Services Help Desk (x3120) for assistance.
  • Click the Preview button to proof your self-report as it will appear to members of the FPC. If the paragraphs are not separated by a blank line, please insert a blank link between paragraphs to improve readability.
  • When you are satisfied with its content and appearance, click Finish.
  • Sign your name by typing it in the signature box provided and then click Submit.


The entire Self-Report and all supplemental documents you upload will be made available to designated peer evaluators, all members of the Faculty Personnel Committee, the Provost, the Provost’s executive assistant, and the President. Section I of the Self-Report will be made available to the Student Board.

If you wish to provide members of the Faculty Personnel Committee with supplemental documents that you do not want your peer evaluators to see, please email those to the Provost’s executive assistant in Portable Document Format (PDF). She will upload them to your file, and they will only be viewable by members of the FPC, the Provost, the Provost’s executive assistant, and the President.