Peace, justice, activism, and service are recurring themes for many OWU student groups.

Initiated under the leadership of Dr. James Leslie, these groups reflect the Christian call to social justice. The following list is not all-inclusive, but it contains those groups and programs most closely related to the Chaplain’s Office, as well as those based elsewhere that often work collaboratively with us.

For additional groups, particularly those related to service, see the Community Service Learning Tutoring Initiatives and Student-Led Clubs pages. 


Faith & Justice

This group explores social justice from a biblical perspective and seeks opportunities to pursue justice and put faith into action by serving others.

Members attend Jubilee, a three-day Christian conference with a unique approach to culture, leadership, and community responsibility.

National Capital Seminar: Crossroads of the Powerful and Powerless, Washington D.C.

Participants explore power as it relates to poverty on a two-week immersion experience in Washington, D.C.

The team spends time with both the poor and those working on the grassroots level to alleviate poverty, as well as with lobbyists and politicians who strive to reduce poverty.

Voices for Victims of Agent Orange

In March 2005, a group of 10 OWU students traveled with two faculty members to Vietnam to learn about the effects of Agent Orange.

Their innocent expectations were quickly erased by the harsh realities they confronted: the consequences of Agent Orange continue to affect many Vietnamese and Americans to this day. Voices for Agent Orange Victims was established at OWU to raise awareness and educate people about the ongoing challenges of this issue. Our group works with Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD), a not-for-profit organization based in New York. For the past 20 years, FRD has attempted to address and ameliorate the consequences of war in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. For more information, contact

School of the Americas Watch

Primarily sponsored by the OWU’s Leslie Center for Peace and Justice, a team of students, faculty, staff, and alumni travels each year to Ft. Benning, Georgia.

They make the trek to participate in the School of the Americas Watch prayer vigil. The SOA, frequently dubbed the “School of Assassins,” has left a trail of blood and suffering in every country where its graduates have returned. For information, contact

Student Initiative for International Development (S.I.I.D.)

Students work to impact the quality of life for an individual on the other side of the globe, empowering him/her through a small business loan.

Learn first-hand how micro-credit is virtually changing the face of charitable giving.


Formerly known as “Students Taking Action Now: Darfur,” STAND was formed in 2004 in response to the atrocities taking place in Darfur, Sudan.

Currently, STAND’s campaigns focus on ending Darfur's ongoing genocide. In addition, the group encourages members to learn about other conflicts and the larger anti-genocide movement.


Peace and Justice House

The Peace and Justice House is a small living unit (SLU) on campus that focuses on justice issues here and around the world.

This house has been a strong collaborator with the Chaplain’s Office, and Chaplain Powers serves as one of its advisors. For information, contact

Amnesty International

OWU Amnesty International is a campus chapter of Amnesty International—a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

Amnesty International has more than 2.2 million members and subscribers in more than 150 countries and regions. Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses, but inspired by hope for a better world. For more information, contact