What the Bible Says About LGBT Inclusion
Pastor Marie Duquette

“How is it that bright, faithful Christians read the bible and come to such diverse conclusions about what it says regarding human sexuality? How do we remain engaged with friends and family whose views do not reflect our own without the tension of avoiding topics of conversation or the tension of tackling them? How do we live in peace, when we understand the bible differently? Let’s talk about it.”

Queer Ethics
Dr. Yvonne Zimmerman

Sexual minority (GLBTQI) and gender-nonconforming people are often stigmatized as abnormal, unnatural, and/or inherently immoral. This workshop on queer sexual ethics explores insights that emerge when sexual minority and gender non-conforming people reject these disparaging judgments and begin to imagine and create just relationships for themselves on their own terms.

Church Outside of the Closet
Pastor Adam Long and Outreach Director Beth Staten

Join Move United Church’s Lead Pastor Adam Long and Outreach Director Beth Staten for a conversation about bringing churches out of the closet. Their church had a “coming out” experience, changing denominations and even rebranding, as they sought to be honest about what they truly believe and make church an inviting space for everyone. Consider opportunities for your own congregation as you hear their story.

Trans 101
Jody Davis

Jody Davis is a transgender woman originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Registered Nurse who works at OSUMC General Internal Medicine, graduated from OSU in 2013 with a Master’s of Social Work, and is the Director of Quality at North Community Counseling. Jody has lived in Columbus since 2011, has a young daughter named Lily, and attends Stone Village Church in the Short North. As a trans woman, Jody works in her community to support local gender non-conforming individuals and advocates for trans issues, both locally and at the state and national levels.

Inter-sectionality Panel
Kenya Cummings, Seminary student & Activist; Alex Shanks, Community Organizer; and Rubèn Castilla Herrera, Community Organizer/Activist

A conversation of three different perspectives about race, sexuality, gender and the fight for justice. The panelist are community organizers and activist living in Central Ohio. We will address and introduce the topic of intersectionality. Intersectionality is when forms or systems of oppression ‘intersect’, meaning that individuals can face more than one form of discrimination (i.e. for their gender, race, disabilities, etc) How are voices at the crossroads of race, sexuality and gender simultaneously being silenced and leading the movements for change? Come join us and hear three different perspectives to this question.