Comments from past years' participants 

"I learned that I was destined to begin something great. I need to lead a new Christian group at my public high school. The experience I gained from EXPLORE has pushed me to try new things and to develop my faith in new ways"

"Since EXPLORE, I have more appreciation for different types of worship and enjoy experiencing different styles. Since EXPLORE, my faith has become much stronger, even though I thought it was very strong before."

"I have been more open to helping and serving others."

"The overall size of the ratio of staff to the attendees was comforting, and the small size of teens in attendance built a strong connection between us."

"I adored the ability to explore (no pun intended) my faith through the eyes of other people who don't see God in the same way I do."

"The most valuable experience was getting to interact with a wide variety of people because it sometimes got me out of my comfort zone and made me think."

"I was challenged by others with a strong faith, like iron sharpens iron, these people helped me to question my own faith and through it to continually grow."

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