The Chaplain's Office is here to help facilitate your faith journey, to support you, to help you go deeper, and to challenge you to look beyond yourself.

As a United Methodist-affiliated university, faith has traditionally been an important aspect of campus life.

While the days of 13 required chapel services per week are long gone, faith and ministry still live and breathe within the woodwork of OWU. Here you’ll be invited, not coerced, to explore your faith (and perhaps that of others) more deeply and to meet people who are also discovering the movement and call of God in their lives.

As the Chaplain’s Office, we are “Christian-based, but interfaith laced.”

This mantra means that many of our people and programs are rooted in the broad scope of the Christian tradition. However, it also indicates that we don’t view ministry as exclusively Christian. We honor and respect our Jewish and Muslim sisters and brothers and seek to be in conversation with them, even as we provide space and resources for their traditions. Students who follow Buddhist or Hindu religious traditions or Earth-based or indigenous spiritualities also can find support from our office.