The university provides two programs to assist students with gaining access to textbooks for their courses

1) Ohio Wesleyan University's Wesleyan Council for Student Affairs (WCSA) sponsors a textbook reserve program. Through this program, WCSA purchases textbooks that are used in 100 and 200 level courses, and puts them on reserve in the Beeghly Library. Faculty have the choice to opt-out of the program, but the vast majority of faculty participate in this program. Textbooks can be checked out for a period of time, but the textbooks cannot leave the library. Questions about the program can be directed to the University librarians.

2) Each semester there are limited funds to assist low-income (Pell eligible) students who are having a difficult time purchasing their textbooks. Students are encouraged to submit the application for assistance early, as funds are limited and are depleted quickly. The application for assistance can be found at this link. These books are rentals through the OWU campus store (bookstore).

Note: Textbooks that are on reserve in the library through the WCSA program will not be rented for students.