Students, faculty, and staff who have traveled during spring break are asked to complete the Travel Registration Form to be reviewed by OWU Student Health Services.

Before returning to campus, please check the latest Centers for Disease Control travel guidelines and follow the advice there. If you are advised by the CDC to self-quarantine, do not return to campus until after that time.

Per information from the Delaware General Health District and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we also are asking travelers to monitor their health for 14 days after returning to campus. This includes taking and recording your temperature twice a day and following good health guidelines.

If you have a fever, telephone the OWU Student Health Center or your healthcare provider for advice. Do not travel to any care facilty without calling first so that healthcare workers can plan for your arrival.

Students unable to quarantine themselves off campus also need to complete the petition to remain on campus, noting the need to self-quarantine. For students unable to move out by day’s end March 20, additional date options are posted on our Move Out Information page.