Women’s Resource Center

Where is the Women’s Resource Center located?

Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is in Room 207 in Hamilton-Williams Campus Center.

When is the Women’s Resource Center open?

WRC is open periodically throughout the week during the academic year. Because our student interns are the ones who hold office hours (and have rather busy schedules), hours differ from day to day. If students or organizations need to get in contact with interns, please send an email to the Women's Resource Center at womensrc@owu.edu.

Who should get involved with the Women’s Resource Center?

Everyone! Especially students and campus groups interested in promoting equal rights, increasing dialogue about gender issues on campus, and providing programming and resources to students.

What does the Women’s Resource Center do?

WRC offers programming, information, and supplies that help women and men to deal with gender, reproductive, and social issues that affect all of the campus community.

What kind of resources does the Women’s Resource Center have?

We have an extensive library of books on the history of gender issues, feminist magazines, and other literature. We also have free condoms and safe sex materials—feel free to grab a few when you stop by!

Aside from the resources we offer, we are also involved in coordinating campus events with various student organizations. Recent programs include:

December 2014: Written on the Body—a student led body-image speak-out for all genders

March 2015: Speaker Event, Megan Andelloux—Purring Into Pleasure: Exploring Female Desire and Orgasms

Are men welcome in the Women’s Resource Center?

Yes, everyone is welcome in WRC!