2018 Panel Sessions

Panel 1
4-4:55 p.m., SCSC 167

Time Student Project Title Mentor
4 p.m. Hannah Gebhardt ’18 Performance of Single Species as Indicators of Large Mammal Species Richness Across Different Ecosystems in Tanzania Shala Hankison
4:20 p.m. Kyle Davis ’19 Size Change in an Invasive Species Dustin Reichard
4:40 p.m. Erika Shultz ’19 Taking Control: Maintaining Goals in the Counting Stroop Kira Bailey

Panel 2
4-4:55 p.m., SCSC 161

Time Student Project Title Mentor
4 p.m. Chloe Dyer ’18 A Line in the Sand: Narratives from the U.S.-Mexico Border Juan Rojas
4:20 p.m. Emma Sampson ’18 Collective Memory of Violence and Oppression Under Dictatorships in Chile and Argentina Andrea Colvin
4:40 p.m. Sarah Kennedy ’18 Examining the European Union Asylum Policy: The EU-Turkey Migration Statement Robert Gitter

Panel 3
4-4:55 p.m., SCSC 163

Time Student Project Title Mentor
4 p.m. Emily Howald ’18 Endangered Species Conservation on the Military Estate Ellen Arnold
4:20 p.m. Lizheyin Wu ’19 Modeling the Spread of HPV Through a Network Pamela Pyzza
4:40 p.m. Colin McGarry ’18 Fighting in the Irish Environment: The Landscape in Ancient Irish Military Matters Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Panel 4
5-5:55 p.m., SCSC 151

Time Student Project Title Mentor
5 p.m. Kyle Rabung ’18 Richard II: Historical Tragedy Ellen Arnold
5:20 p.m. Brandon Stevens ’20 As the Irish Have and as the Irish Will: The Duality of Ireland’s Colonized State Through the Structure of TransAtlantic by Colum McCann Nancy Comorau
5:40 p.m. Chloe Dyer ’18 Commemorations on Two Continents: The Saint Patrick’s Battalion in Irish-Mexican-American Memory Nancy Comorau

Panel 5
5:15-5:50 p.m., SCSC 163

Time Student Project Title Mentor
5 p.m. Ryan (Bishop) Zlatanova ’17 Island Queerness: Exploring LGBT+ Taiwan Mary Howard
5:20 p.m. Noah Barehmi ’20 OWU Campus Sustainability John Krygier

2018 Student i³ Lectures

This year’s Student i³ Lectures will begin at 6 p.m. in SCSC 163:

  • Guillermo Gutierrez ’18 – Identifying Influentials in Directed Networks
    Faculty Mentor: Christian Fink
  • Paige Ross ’21 – Educational Inequality: How We Systematically Fail Our Children
    Faculty Mentor: John Durst
  • Colin McGarry ’18 – Wolfing Around the Border: Medieval Irish Warbands and Werewolves
    Faculty Mentor: Carol Neuman de Vegvar
  • Michael Barr ’18 – The Novels of Joyce
    Faculty Mentor: Martin Hipsky

2018 Poster Session

This year’s Poster Session will run from 6-7 p.m. in the SCSC atrium:

  • Adrian Burr ’19 – Dissecting The Ring of the Dove
  • Rebecca Penrod ’18 – The Dangers of Meritocracy and Education
  • Abigail Connell ’18 – Juana I of Castile and Maria Pacheco: Leadership and Power in Early Modern Spain
  • Jackie Everetts ’18 – Madness and Hysteria: Social Control in Early Modern Spain
  • Elizabeth Urbanski ’18 – Glyphosate Inhibits Keratinolytic Activity of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Wild Songbirds
  • Ryan (Bishop) Zlatanova ’17 – Costa Rican Leatherback Turtle Conservation
  • Evan Hudgens ’19 – Further Investigation of a Novel Rhabditid Nematode
  • Francesca Socki ’18 – Comparative Histological Investigation of the Ovarian and Placenta Structure in the Viviparous Fish Genus Poeciliopsis
  • Savannah Travis ’19 – Characterization of the Yeast Gene YDL218W: Carbon Source-Dependent Growth Rates and Cell Wall Defects
  • Marielle Buss ’19 – The Effect of Coriander Extract on the Replication of T2 Bacteriophage
  • Cassandra Oberle ’18 – Comparison of Single Leg Performance Tests in Athletes with and Without ACL Reconstruction
  • Jacqueline Feliciano ’18 – Performance Changes in a Division III Female Field Hockey Program Over a Competitive Season
  • Kera Bussey–Sims ’18 – Brick and Mortar Retail, Online Shopping and Everything in Between: How Technology Is Being Integrated into the Fashion Industry
  • Grace Jones ’19 – The Role of the Midwife in Hapsburg, Spain