As the University has begun piloting aspects of the proposed curricular initiative, The OWU Connection, a range of measures have been developed and are being used to ascertain the effectiveness of these programs.

UC 160 Assessment

  • Survey given to UC 160 and non-UC 160 students about:
    • Involvement in OWU activities
    • Breadth of interactions
    • Study habits
    • Life lessons
    • Evaluation of aspects of UC 160
  • Pre/post questions
  • Discussion rubric
  • Instructor survey
  • Focus groups of students conducted in SP 2011
  • Retention and GPA comparison

Travel-Learning Assessment

  • Questionnaire to students
  • Questionnaire to faculty

Course Connections Assessment

  • Overarching learning goal for all Course Connections
  • Specific learning objectives within individual CCs
  • Measures designed by faculty in individual CCs
  • Focus groups of students conducted in SP 2011

Theory-to-Practice Assessment

  • Applicants state three concrete learning outcomes and how they will be assessed
  • Applicants submit post-experience reports including assessment of learning outcomes

Overall OWU Connection Participation

  • Future assessment: Tracking GPAs, demographics and retention of participants in general theory to practice experiences and Student Individualized Projects
  • Theory-to-Practice grants
  • Travel-Learning courses
  • Course Connections
  • Research experiences
  • Internships