Ideas for Teaching and Learning: End of Semester Reflections


As the semester comes to an end and we reflect on our courses, we can likely identify many successful learning experiences and some areas for growth or revision. We encourage you to take note of these reflections now, while they are fresh in your mind. What part(s) of your course were most effective for promoting student learning and/or engagement? What content seemed extraneous or mis-sequenced? What would you like to foster in future iterations of the course?

Additional Resources:

Library Liaisons (4/15/15)

Do your students have difficulty finding, evaluating, or citing resources? Collaborate with your library liaison ( to incorporate information resources into your syllabus or assignments, to flip instruction or a lesson plan, or to add a library instruction session into your class. If students need assistance during any part of the research process, remind them to contact a librarian. Consult Temple’s 10 Ways to Improve Research for ideas on ways to promote student success.

Pedagogy Conferences (3/23/15)

Pedagogical conferences focus specifically on educational practices, teaching, and learning. They may cover general topics such as writing strategies, group work, or critical thinking, or may focus on issues that are specific to a particular discipline.

See a list of many pedagogical conferences at Apply for a Pedagogical Conference Grant (also for attending research conferences with clear pedagogical goals) at The last deadline for this term is 4/15/15.