Circle K

Join this friendly, international collegiate version of Kiwanis International and you will be joining a powerful network of civic organizations stretching across the country and around the globe. Circle K emphasizes fellowship, leadership, and service.


College Against Cancer – ‘Relay for Life’

Many students decide to become involved with CAC because of prior involvement with Relay For Life in their hometowns. It’s a great way to stay involved with the American Cancer Society when you go away to college! OWU has an extremely successful Relay event each spring.


Environment & Wildlife Club / Tree House

Work to raise awareness and promote action to help preserve the environment through education, campus recycling, political activism, and other hands-on projects. Join the club and/or apply for a spot in the Small Living Unit.


Greek Life

Greek Life is a community rich in history and diversity at OWU, dedicated to the development of character and leadership. Fraternities and sororities provide a place for students who share similar interests and ideals; offer numerous community service, philanthropy and leadership opportunities; and help students make the most of their college experience and make life long connections.


Habitat for Humanity

The campus chapter works with the Delaware County Chapter in the fulfilling, hands-on work of helping to build houses and futures for people who would otherwise never have a home of their own.


Pet Pals

This OWU organization is dedicated to supporting both the tenants and the philosophy of The Humane Society of Delaware County. Activities include everything from fundraising to hands-on projects at the shelter.


VIVA Latinx

Through VIVA Latinx, you will have an opportunity to provide tutoring for children and adults who want to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). You also will be able to provide translation services for Parent-Teacher conference night at the nearby elementary and intermediate schools, help parents who need personal translators at the annual Holiday Clearing House event, and much more!


Women’s House

The Women’s House works to raise awareness and provide support in the areas of feminism, women’s issues and LGBT issues.  Each year, house members celebrate Love Your Body Day and put on a Take Back the Night event.  They frequently work with other campus groups (PRIDE, the Women’s Resource Center, Spectrum Resource Center) and community organizations (Turning Point, Love Shouldn’t Hurt).  You are able to participate in this organization by assisting with events or by applying for a spot in the Small Living Unit.