Accounts payable checks are issued twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, after 4 p.m. Payments are processed in the Accounts Payable office via one of the following methods.

  • Invoice Payments via a Purchase Order entered in Bishopbuy.
  • Check Request Payments via a Check Request entered in Bishopbuy.
  • Student Reimbursements - Form. See the Cashier page for more information.
  • Employee Reimbursements via the Smartdata website.

It is important to accurately remit payment for services or duties that an individual performs for the University.  Depending upon the circumstances, these can be paid through an employment relationship, a service contract, or a variety of other areas.  Please refer to the payment flow charts to determine how to process a payment.

Invoice Payments

Invoices must be submitted to the Accounting Office in a timely manner. If an invoice comes to the department, please be sure the PO number is on the invoice and then forward it to Accounting.  The invoice will be processed providing a three-way match exists in Bishopbuy.  To process an invoice it must have an approved purchase order, a receipt (acknowledging the goods were received as ordered), and finally the invoice.  If all three exist in the system, then the invoice is processed.

To expedite vendor payments, as soon as the goods or services are received in good condition, receive the items in Bishopbuy unless the goods were delivered to Central Receiving. Once the invoice is received from the vendor attach the invoice to a comment in Bishopbuy and route to the Accounts Payable Clerk.  This should be done for single purchase orders when the item is received and for blanket purchase orders each time goods or services are received. A blanket purchase order is one that is created at the beginning of a fiscal year for the entire year’s purchases from the same vendor. By following this procedure, vendors will be paid on a more timely basis.

Check Request Payments

While we strive for a quicker turnaround, please allow 10 days from the date the request is approved in Bishopbuy. In order to have a check issued, you must have the appropriate supporting material attached (invoices, canceled checks, registration forms or order blanks, etc.).   


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