The University’s Administrative Computing System allows individuals responsible for various budgets and restricted accounts to view these accounts and associated transactions online.

To access the system, individuals must know their login name and password. Contact Information Systems at 740-368-3120 or for this information.

For permission to view specific accounts or help in viewing account information, contact Ben Emch at

An OWU account number has four possible components:

  • Funds (PDF*) » These are 2-digit codes that specify the overall funding source (e.g. budget, restricted, plant).
  • Organizations (PDF*) » These are 4-digit codes that designate a particular department or cost center.
  • Objects (PDF*) » These are 4-digit codes that indicate the specific nature of the transaction, including revenue and expenditures.
  • Projects (PDF*) » These are 5-digit codes that indicate a restricted funding source or cost center.

Account Numbers

Based on the components listed above, account numbers follow this pattern (with “X” representing a number):

  • Fund-Organization-Object-Project