Bursar's Office & Student Accounts

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Yes, OWU accepts all major credit cards for online payments. Simply go to the Student Account Center and follow the directions. You can also pay online with an electronic check at this same site. All you will need is the routing number (aka ABA number) of your bank and your bank account number.

When do you send the first billing statement each semester?

The Student Account Office creates a billing statement for tuition, room, board, fees, health insurance, and the miscellaneous charges described in the Financial Planning Guide (PDF). This information is usually available by mid-July for the fall semester and mid-November for the spring semester. Students will receive an email letting them know that their statement is ready for viewing in the Student Account Center (SAC) at campus.owu.edu. Once this email is received, the bill will be available 24/7 for all of the student’s academic career. Remember, a statement is a snapshot as of a certain moment in time of the student’s account information. A payment made five minutes after the statement is run will not be reflected. However, the payment will be viewable immediately in the Account Activity tab in the SAC. All activity (payments, charges, financial aid, etc.) is shown in the Account Activity tab in real time all day every day.

Can I purchase Student Health Insurance through OWU?

OWU has a mandate that all students are covered by a health insurance plan so that treatment will be hassle-free, especially in emergencies. If you have coverage, you will need to let our partner, Student Educational Benefit Trust (SEBT), know this through an online process. If you need coverage, you can purchase it through the same online process. More details will be provided in this space soon.

How do I request a refund of my credit balance (overpayment)?

When your balance becomes a credit due to an overpayment by you or from financial aid, simply email us at bursar@owu.edu and make your request. For quick processing, please include:

  • The student’s name and ID#
  • The amount of the refund
  • If you want our office to hold the check for pick up or mail it to you (confirm the address). If mailed, allow about 10 days to receive
  • NOTE: if the overpayment is due to a Parent PLUS loan, the refund must be given to the parent unless the parent emails approval to refund to the student.

How do I make payments?

  • You can make your payments online (credit cards or e-check)
  • Mail a check to our office at:

            Ohio Wesleyan University
            P.O. Box 676
            Delaware, OH 43015-0676

  • Visit our office in University Hall, Room 12 and pay using a check or cash. Our office cannot process credit cards.

Where do I find Self-Service for:

  1. Bursar – payments, billing, etc. – campus.owu.edu
  2. Financial Aid – Scholarships, grants, loans, work study, etc. – fastudent.owu.edu
  3. Tuition Management Systems (TMS) – payment plans – owu.afford.com