Please call or email the motor pool first to see if an OWU van is available before renting a van.  You may reach the motor pool at ext. 3422 or

Select the link below to enter a Van Rental Request in the BishopBuy system. This request can be completed only by an Ohio Wesleyan employee. Students must request group travel through OrgSync. You may enter the reservation request for a mini-van or a 12-passenger van. Rental vans will be delivered to the motor pool for pick up and must be returned to the motor pool. All vehicles are rented for a 24-hour period. Rentals are priced per day based on 24 hours from the time of pick up. Each form completed is for only one van. If multiple vans are needed, multiple requests must be made.

Budgeted available funds and driver information including a driver's license are required to secure this reservation. Reservations cannot be made without an account number and driver information.

BishopBuy Site Link

Please contact the Purchasing Office at 740-368-3377 for more information.