SUBA's Mission

The goal of SUBA is to educate the OWU and Delaware communities about multicultural-awareness and issues prevalent, but not limited to, the black community. It is a safe haven for all students of color and all who are interested in joining no matter race, sex, religion, etc. We promote diversity, community service, scholarship, and unity.

SUBA is the governing body for black students and black organizations at Ohio Wesleyan. SUBA’s main goals are to enrich African and African-American student life and to enlighten the entire Ohio Wesleyan campus about issues pertaining to African and African-American culture. The group also provides an atmosphere for leadership development by sponsoring educational, social, and cultural activities.

SUBA was founded in 1968 as an umbrella organization for all minority organizations on Ohio Wesleyan’s campus. The purpose of the organization is to serve as a representative of the students of color academically, as well as socially. We  seek to spread awareness of the African American community through events, discussions, and memberships. SUBA is not an organization just for students of color even though we aim to serve students of color. We seek to be an open organization for the entire student body. SUBA is an umbrella organization for Sisters United, VIVA Latinx, and Horizons International.

“SUBA has become one of the most active organizations on campus involving both social and valuable events. SUBA has gone beyond limits ... for all classes, races, ages, and everybody on the campus.” – Ray Perez ’13

“SUBA has ‘swag,’ which has given me more confidence in myself of being a leader.” – Gene Sludge ’13

“SUBA has taught me to speak out / speak up in order to unite the campus racially, ethically, and put me into a leadership position in which I can handle situations maturely and reasonably. As an organization, we have taken a step to unite this campus and more will be done in the near future.” – Shelby Ashton ’14

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