The Summit of Ohio Latinx (SOL) was born when, in the spring of 2016, latinx students, staff and faculty at Denison University began to raise questions about the growing latinx student population at predominantly white colleges and universities in the Midwest.

What are we doing to support this unique population of students? How can we better mentor and resource this population? What issues are they facing on and off campus that we should be aware of? How is their experience on campus impacting their decisions and choices they make after college?

As a result of these conversations SOL was created in hopes of inviting other institutions to unite and discuss ways to learn from each other and make a positive change for future latinx students.

This year, it is Ohio Wesleyan University’s honor to host the Summit of Ohio Latinx 2017 in an effort that seeks to broaden and build Latinx awareness in other college campuses across the state of Ohio.