2018-2019 Housing Applications will be available to be filled out online through MyOWU beginning February 26, 2018. You will need to use your OWU login information to access the application, and then click on "Returning Student Housing Application" under the Quick Links for students. This is a security feature to ensure that only you are able to complete your Housing Application and Housing Contract. If you think your application’s security has been compromised, please contact the Residential Life Office at reslife@owu.edu to reset your application and/or reset your account password at password.owu.edu.

All returning student housing applications are to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 19, 2018. 

The priority application deadline for new Transfer students is May 15, 2018.

The application has six parts to complete. Prior to starting the online application, some important information for you to consider:

Part 1: General Information

This section of the application will pull information on file in the University’s record system. If you see incorrect information, please contact the Residential Life Office at reslife@owu.edu.

Part 2: Roommate and Room Location Preferences

The Residential Life Office works hard to place all students with preferred roommates/suitemates and in the location of their choice. But please note that we can't guarantee placement in a particular location or with particular people.

Room Location Preferences

Please list your top three preferences (1 = top choice, 2 = second choice, 3 = third choice). The Residential Life Office will verify any necessary information including: credits earned as of fall 2017, GPA, and student conduct history, in accordance with established requirements for specific living communities. All room assignments are made based on seniority, ability to completely fill a room, and any other requirements of the living community.

Roommate Preferences

All roommate/suitemate preferences should be listed on each of the roommate’s/suitemate’s applications and in order of preference. This means if you choose to live in a double, you should plan to be housed with the first person listed in your preferences; if you choose to live in a quad, you will be housed with the three people listed on your application. If you do not list a preferred roommate and cannot fill a room, you will not be assigned a room during the housing selection events. The Residential Life Office reserves the right to identify roommates for you to completely fill available space in the room once housing selection events are completed. At all times, students able to fill a room will receive priority over those who do not list enough roommates to fill a room.

Part 3 and Part 4: Personal and Lifestyle Preferences

Please fill out these sections as accurately and honestly as possible. While all facilities on campus are smoke-free and only students at least 21 years of age are permitted to use alcohol, there are no consequences for answering this section honestly because choices related to smoking and drinking may have an impact on potential roommates. If the Residential Life Office needs to assign you a roommate, this information will be used to identify a roommate most compatible with your interests and personal living habits.

Part 5: Individual Housing Preference Information

Some of the housing options you select may require you to complete additional information regarding your interest in that housing option. Please answer each of the questions on these pages to complete your application

Part 6: Housing Contract

Once you have completed all of your housing application information, you will be asked to electronically agree to the terms of the Housing Contract for the 2018-2019 school year. Please take the time to review this information carefully and then agree to the terms. Your application will not be fully submitted until you have agreed to the terms of the Housing Contract. 



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