The Ohio Wesleyan University Residential Life Guest & Visitors Policy can also be found in the OWU Student Handbook 

All residential facilities have an open visitation policy. In no instance shall a guest or visitor become a long-term resident of a University owned facility, as it would interfere with the rights of roommates and others in the living unit.

A “visitor” is defined as a non-OWU student visiting a current OWU student; a “guest” is defined as a currently enrolled OWU student who is not currently assigned as a resident of that particular room.

OWU students are permitted to have guests and visitors under the following guidelines:

  1. Students are responsible for the actions of their visitors and must accompany them for the duration of the visit. Students are also responsible for informing their visitors of University regulations and appropriate parking areas.
  2. All overnight guests and visitors must be registered with the Residential Life Office through a convenient registration policy for students as decided by negotiations between the WCSA Residential Life Committee and Residential Life. The hosting student must have permission from his/her roommate(s) in order for an overnight guest and/or visitor to stay in the room.
  3. Students are required to report the presence of a visitor with a car on campus to the Public Safety Office. A visitor parking pass can be obtained (free of charge) and can be issued for up to three days. Students are responsible for any traffic citation(s) that their visitor may receive on campus. Unregistered vehicles, vehicles parked in fire lanes or blocking trash dumpsters may be towed from University parking at the expense of the owner.
  4. No overnight guest or visitor may sleep in public areas.
  5. Each student may host a maximum of two overnight guests or visitors at one time.
  6. A guest or visitor’s stay may not exceed three overnight visits in any given week. An extended pattern of visitation may lead to immediate removal of the guest or visitor.
  7. Overnight guests and visitors are not permitted until after classes begin at the beginning of each semester, during the final examination period at the end of each semester, or during break periods. Otherwise, guests and visitors are permitted at any time of the year while classes are in session.

Guest/Visitor Registration Form - Once you have read the above information, please use the following form to register your guest/visitor.

Non-OWU overnight visitors who are on campus for a recruiting event will be registered by the hosting office or department by contacting the Residential Life Office at or 740-368-3175. Ohio Wesleyan University reserves the right to immediately remove a non-OWU student visitor from campus for disruptive behavior or any violation of a University policy.