The goals of EXPLORE are three-fold:

  1. To enrich and deepen the FAITH foundation of each student, both academically and spiritually.
  2. To help each student clarify and claim their gifts, graces, and charisms for Christian SERVICE in a world of great need.
  3. To develop with each student a practical plan for responding to God’s CALLING for their life journey.

At EXPLORE we will meet these goals by providing each rising junior and senior high school student who participates:

  • A strong, collaborative theology faculty team from Ohio Wesleyan, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, and the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.
  • An experienced team of OWU chaplains, mature and committed student leaders, and community partners who will work together to help students translate faith journeys into real-life Christian leadership experiences.
  • An exploration of sacred scriptures and theological traditions for both Catholic and Protestant youth. 
  • A rich examination of the moral and ethical dimensions of their current and future challenges.
  • Time for reflection and exploration of their gifts, graces, and charisms.
  • Real-life conversations with Christian leaders to help each youth explore their personal life calling.
  • Opportunities for worship and prayer that draw from both Catholic and Protestant traditions.
  • A way to stay connected as each student considers their potential sacred calling to a variety of vocations in full-time ministry and religious leadership in the world.
  • A review and follow-up that will continue to serve both participating youth, their local churches and communitites.

Ohio Wesleyan University is an independent, undergraduate liberal arts institution. Outstanding teaching is a hallmark of the University, which is best known for the quality and accessibility of its faculty. Founded by Methodists in 1842, Ohio Wesleyan maintains an active affiliation with The United Methodist Church, but welcomes students of all religious faiths.

The University Chaplain provides support for all denominations and coordinates an active program of social action, community service, and faith-based missions. Ohio Wesleyan has repeatedly received national awards for this commitment to Faith, Service, and Calling.