Common Texts

Common Texts is a student-centered, interfaith group of individuals who explore current events and life issues through the lens of the sacred texts of the Abrahamic faiths, the (Jewish) Tanakh, the (Christian) Gospels, the (Muslim) Qur’an, and also the writings of the (Baha’i) Báb and Bahá'u'lláha. The group seeks a deeper understanding of these faith traditions through open, respectful dialogue. Common Texts is linked with weekly meetings of the OWU Interfaith Leadership Council and OWU Better Together program. Contact Chaplain Powers for more information.

Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study is a group for students interested in delving deeper into their Christian faith. We explore a range of texts and topics that change from year to year based on the interests of group members. This Bible study offers a safe place to ask the hard questions, wrestle with doubts, and seek the authentic path that God is calling you to walk. Contact Chad Johns for more information.

Encounter (CRU)

Encounter is a student-led, evangelical Christian fellowship whose mission is to "Win students' hearts for Christ, build the body of Christ on campus, and send students out to fulfill the Great Commission."

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA is a weekly fellowship group that focuses on equipping, empowering, and encouraging athletes to make a difference for Christ.

OWU Faith & Justice

OWU’s Faith & Justice group discusses issues of social justice from a biblical perspective and seeks opportunities to put faith into action / pursue justice by serving others. Members attend Jubilee, a three-day Christian conference with a unique approach to culture, leadership, and community responsibility. Contact Lisa Ho for more information.

Kappa Phi

Kappa Phi is a Christian women’s service organization. Programs promote worship, service, and fellowship.

Outdoor Ministry Team

The Outdoor Ministry Team meets weekly for Bible study, leadership training and adventure-based activities (like backpacking, rock climbing and team building) designed to connect students' relationship with Christ to experiences in the outdoors. Contact William Hayes for more information.

Young Life

Young Life at OWU is a nondenominational Christian group of student leaders who minister to area high school students. They provide Bible study opportunities and serve as mentors for high school students as well as offer training and leadership for other college students. Contact is Lisa Ho.