Common Texts

Common Texts is a student-centered interfaith group that explores current events and life issues through the lens of the sacred texts of the Abrahamic faiths.

Faiths that include the (Jewish) Tanakh, the (Christian) Gospels, the (Muslim) Qur’an, and the writings of the (Baha’i) Báb and Bahá'u'lláha, with an emphasis on respectful dialogue and deeper understanding of each other’s faith traditions. Common Texts is linked with weekly meetings of the OWU Interfaith Leadership Council and the OWU Better Together program. Contact Chaplain Powers for more information. 

Muslim Student Association

The guiding principles of MSA:

  • Sincerity is the foundation of our existence.
  • Knowledge precedes our actions.
  • Humility guides our conduct.
  • Truthfulness is the mark of our speech.
  • Moderation is the compass of our journey.
  • Tolerance is the banner of our outreach.
  • Forgiveness precedes our reconciliatory efforts.
  • Patience is the hallmark of our planning.
  • Gratitude binds our hearts together.

The Muslim Student Association at Ohio Wesleyan seeks to provide a positive space for students to teach and practice Islamic moderation as a middle path. Together, we practice traditional Islamic prayer life and cultural traditions, such as individual Five Times daily prayer and community Jumma prayer in Peale Chapel.

We assist the entire OWU community to observe Ramadan, Eid, and other holy days. We make Dawah by introducing Islam to non-Muslims at OWU in a positive and respectful manner. We also explore and celebrate what it means to be Muslim in the interfaith collegiate setting of Ohio Wesleyan. For more information about MSA, contact Chaplain Powers.