OWU Letterhead Microsoft Word template (DOTX)

  • Note: This letterhead template is for electronic use only. If you wish to order printed letterhead, please contact Purchasing at x3360.

Usage Notes

  • Font
    • Use Garamond if Caecilia is not an option.
    • The preferred font size is 11 point.
  • Spacing/alignment
    • Body text should be flush left, ragged right (not justified).
    • Use “block style” paragraphs without indenting the first line.
    • Use one line space
    • Double space (or two hard returns) between paragraphs.
  • Margins
    • Top: 1.75 inches
    • Bottom: 1.25 inch
    • Left: 1.75 inch
    • Right: 1 inch
  • Paper
    • For materials going to external audiences, please use official stationery, which can be ordered through Purchasing (x3360).